Xavier Tips

Packing may sound easy, but it rarely is. Before you know it you’ve overstepped the allowed volume, or the suitcase has shrunk by some inexplicable reason! Utterly slanderous. This here list will aid you in packing efficiently and without worry.

  • Roll up your clothes instead of folding them. Also: turn them inside out!
    By rolling up your shirts, pants and all else, you’ll save a ton of room. Turning them inside out will protect them from nasty stains, and will keep them surprisingly wrinkle-free. Side note: if you’re taking very delicate items, it’s best to fold those the classic way.
  • Put your shoes in a shoebag, or a shower cap.
    Putting your shoes in (preferably sealed off) bag, you’ll make sure the rest of your clothes stay clean – as will your shoes!
  • Stash the heaviest things near the wheels.
    Even out all the weight by putting all the heavier items closest to the wheels of your suitcase (disclaimer: only applicable to suitcases with actual wheels…).
    Additionally, this makes moving around with said suitcase a ton easier – wait and see!
  • Toiletries go in a transparent bag!
    A see-through, sealed off bag will make sure that none of your other items will get smeared by that new bottle of shampoo you just had to take with! Furthermore you’ll be able to spot whatever you’re looking for instantly. Oh, and have we mentioned you can’t take more than 100ml bottles with you – which is why you’re best to put this bag in your hand luggage when traveling short distances, since customs will want to scan them separately.
  • Put your loose cables together in a spectacle case.
    Avoid having all of your cables tangle up into one giant ball of misery and frustration! Roll them up into circles and fold both ends, and safely stash them away in a small box. Problems solved!
  • Breakable things go in your socks!
    In your socks, you say? Yes. Perfumes, for instance, work amazingly well when protected by a layer of coton! Plus, avoiding having all of your clothes drenched with that new Dior scent when fate strikes, is kind of a win!
  • Make use of every inch of empty space.
    Because every little inch counts, right guys?! If you’re not wearing your watch, put it in your left spare shoe. A pair of headphones? You’ve guessed it, stash it in the right spare shoe!
  • Make sure to buy a practical suitcase, with lots of striking details.
    A unique suitcase with a remarkable print, or some one of a kind labels, will prevent you ever losing sight of your beloved possessions. Genius? Yes. Beautiful? Well that’s up to you.

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