Xavier Tips

Long flights can be rather dull and, let’s be fair, quite exhausting. Finally arriving at the destination of your dreams while you’re in fact ready for bed – we all know the feeling! Here’s some guidance that might just make your trip a little less challenging!

  • Make sure you pick the right spot in the airplane.
    Sometimes you can do this immediately while booking the ticket, sometimes you’ll have to wait until check-in time – but it’s always worth the trouble. Especially when you’re on a night and or long flight!
  • Move around
    Even if you’re seated, make sure you stretch fingers, arms, legs and neck once in a while! You’ll feel a lot less used up upon arrival. Take a little stroll up and down the plane during flight as well, as it promotes your blood flow and downgrades chances of feeling stiff.
  • Don’t eat too much salt
    A high dose of saline intake will decrease hydratation. it also conjures swollen limbs. It’s essential to try and avoid eating anything your body might react to in a negative way – on a long flight you will notice the difference!

  • Consider taking a lay-over
    An intermediate stop during a long journey might just make your flight light a lot less stressy. Pardon? It’s true! It can grant you time to unwind for a little bit, have a fresh drink or snack and prepare for the second flight. A little break might also help you prepare for the change in time zone. Just make sure you have enough time in between check-out and check-in, and look at it as a way to enjoy your second holiday!

  • Take the correct sort of hand luggage
    A classic mistake is having a big bag with you filled with beach towels, an extra pair of shoes and books. You won’t be needing these things (…except for one book maybe) and you’ll be dragging them along the entire way. Only take the things you really need: a small inflatable pillow? some items to freshen up with? Earplugs? Comfort comes first!

  • Stay Hydrated
    We cannot stress this one enough. The dry air in a plane will literally wear you out, having plenty of water is a must. What’s more, it’ll make your jet lag a lot less brutal, something we’d personally pay top dollar for. Why not pack some wet wipes in your hand luggage, too? Have we mentioned hand sanitizer, by the way? Have a great flight, and thank us later.

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